"Professional group of real estate" solves various real estate problems and problems.
Aiming to maximize real estate value and contribute to society by solving problems.


Acquired “Midoriya building” in front of JR Akita Station 1920 1280 Bestway inc.

Acquired “Midoriya building” in front of JR Akita Station

Condominium Resort Hotel | HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA 2560 1707 Bestway inc.

Condominium Resort Hotel | HIDEOUT OKINAWA URUMA


Solutions business

Solve real estate social and problems with professional problem solving skills

In response to various individualized issues of real estate, we purchase properties based on flexible judgments and flexible decisions.By solving various issues that become social problems through the wisdom of complex properties and complexity related to rights, we will solve problems for those involved in this project and provide know-how that is useful to society by creating new real estate value.

Real Estate Development Business

The vision power which looks ahead to the future of “Person” enhances the value of the people who spend it there.

From the current state of real estate use, people gather there to create fun, heal, or exciting ideas, and aim for real estate development that is loved by people.Through the beloved real estate, we will create a living real estate that will constantly breathe in and pour our love into our real estate.

ReValue Business

Solve the problems and problems facing local communities and contribute new value to local communities

By analyzing the history and potential of its location in detail, we envision a “bustle” that is conscious of the future of people, and believe that the value that comes from it will also lead to the creation of real estate value.It aims to revive real estate, which has become aging over the years and has declined in asset value due to changes in the times.

Housing Development

We are developing a special design detached house mainly in residential areas in Tokyo, which are rich in habitability.

Properties for sale

We provide a living space that will be an oasis for the people who live there.We supply “urban designers’ residences” in the 23 wards of central Tokyo.

Contact us

For each service such as purchase, sale, and assessment of investment and business real estate For inquiries and consultations, please contact us here.

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Hours: 9:00-18:00 (weekdays)
Closed Every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

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