Real Estate Development

The vision power which looks ahead to the future of “Person” enhances the value of the people who spend it there.

From the current state of real estate use, people gather there to create fun, heal, or exciting ideas, and aim for real estate development that is loved by people.Through the beloved real estate, we will create a living real estate that will constantly breathe in and pour our love into our real estate.

Stable earnings utilizing regional characteristics (favorable location)

Based on the know-how of purchasing land cultivated from our founding of our company, we will maximize the potential of “central center” with a rich urban function such as jobs, housing, activities, commerce, and science, and “good location” in Tokyo’s 23 wards with a well-equipped living environment, and will develop buildings that are earthquake-resistant and disaster-resistant with consideration for the region and the environment.

Urban life changed by the transformation from industrialized society to globalization and knowledge information society

As we face the problems of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and the development needs for globalization and the knowledge information society are increasing, we are continually hiring global human resources and IT engineers to develop development plans that take into account foreign residents and foreign investors in sales.

Site selection – design – construction – sales – operation management through one at a time

As the term real estate says, you can’t change places.Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that location is the most important success point of real estate investment.The location selection is an indispensable point in the sense of maintaining the competitiveness in the future above all.
By utilizing our land purchasing know-how, which is also our strength, we can carry out design, construction, sales, and management at once, and we can demonstrate high-quality product capabilities as real estate with high stability and excellent design power and earthquake resistance.

Read “insights” from the world’s potential needs with strategic analytics

As steve jobs, the creator of the iPhone, said, “People don’t know what they want until they can show you something specific,” real estate can only be viewed with something close to the real thing, such as an image perth, until the building is actually completed.So you can’t see the real thing unless it’s completed, so you won’t have a great building unless you’re perfecting any great idea.In order to challenge the real thing, we want to create insights of the future era without being bound by the stereotypes of the past.

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