A pleasant life full of colors that stimulate sensitivity and
feel the moisture of the moving seasons.


The town of Jiyugaoka and Midorigaoka which coexist with the trend and the peace that leads to a calm residential area full of greenery if you stretch a little from the street which sends a new sensibility culture.
Standing in a quiet residential area through the city, the SAISON GARDEN JIYUGAOKA, which conveys the sense of the season, overlaps the white-collar and soft-coloured tiles of the exterior, blending the lives of people in the city and gently wrapping life, It brings a richer life.

Three routes are used to enhance the diversity of the city.

  • Tokyu Toyoko Line/Tokyu Oimachi line Jiyugaoka Station
    13minute walk

  • Tokyu Oimachi Line Midorigaoka Station
    6minute walk

  • Tokyu Meguro Line/Tokyu Oimachi line Ookayama Station
    10minute walk


  • The popular town of Jiyugaoka, which is lined with popular lifestyle shops and sweets shops.The refined streets enrich the lifestyle.

  • Direct access to major cities such as Shibuya and Yokohama by train.It is also easy to reach major cities.

  • "Spacious bathroom and aqua tower*.The luxurious bath time heals daily tiredness.
    * B/C type room only"